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Employment Law

At The Law Offices of Sean M. Murphy, P.C., the interests of our clients come first. Employment and labor law issues have become more complex in recent years, and our firm is a valuable resource for both employers and employees in understanding their rights and responsibilities. Our employment law attorneys offer comprehensive employment law representation...

Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Alimony

The Law Office of Sean M. Murphy, P.C. represents clients as zealously and efficiently as possible while minimizing stress and unnecessary litigation. Divorce, child custody, child support and other family law issues may be particularly fraught with tension, but even divorce, child custody, child support does not need to be emotionally devastating. Family Court is...


Landlord & Tenant; video

Although it is possible to have an enforceable rental agreement that is not in writing, it is not recommended. It is in the best interest of landlords and tenants to have a written agreement that carefully spells out the rights, duties and obligations of each party. Read More...

Estate Planning

When people hear the phrase, “estate planning,” they generally think it means writing a will. Although writing a will is one aspect of estate planning, there is far more to it. There are specific documents you can create to preserve and manage your assets while you are alive in a way that provides you tax benefits. There are other estate planning vehicles you can use to ease the transition to your heirs when you die and reduce or eliminate any tax burden they might face. Read More...

Personal Injury; video

  Slip and Fall Injuries Have you or someone you know ever sustained a personal injured due to accidentally slipping, tripping, or falling? Did you know you may be entitled compensation? Many people never contact an attorney after one of these accidents because they simple believe there is no recourse. These slip and fall accidents may...

Probate Administration and Litigation

Civil litigation is a vast and varied practice area that involves the resolving of an array of contentious disputes. These battles may involve everything from real estate contracts to living wills. If you require the assistance of a skilled civil litigator based in Brockton, Massachusetts, feel free to get in touch with Sean Michael Murphy. Read more...

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