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Estate Planning for a Reluctant Mother

My mother's legal affairs were a daunting task I have been avoiding for two years. My mother is loving, but difficult at the age of 96. I explained this to Mr. Murphy, who had no qualms about taking charge with speaking with my mother one on one. His demeanor lent a calming affect on my mom that allowed us to go through the very serious process of Health Care Proxy, Power of Attorney, and Personal Will. Sean kept both of us well informed throughout the whole process, devoted much-need time to my mother explaining the process in such a way so as to reassure her these documents were both necessary and protective for her well-being and interests. After all was said and done, a major weight was lifted from my shoulders, and both my mother and I can continue on knowing that at any given moment in time, we can change the will or add to Health Care Proxy selections with a mere phone call to a caring attorney that has given us the legal protection we need, as well as the peace of mind that goes with it. Well done, Mr. Murphy, and thank you. Beverly Small

– Beverly