Time for Spring Cleaning – Estate Planning

Spring is a not only a good time to clean, organize and get rid of unnecessary clutter. It is also a good time to update your important documents and information. Estate planning documents and banking information need to be updated on a regular basis. Here are five important updates you should make every year:

  1. Will – Does your Will have an accurate list of your assets, beneficiaries and appoints a suitable Personal Representative? Throughout your lifetime you accumulate and dispose of assets. Similarity, your relationships with those around you evolve and change. Your Will should be updated to reflect these changes. If you have not created a Will you should make one.
  2. Healthcare Proxy and Durable Power of Attorney – Make sure the people you appointed are still the right people to act on your behalf.
  3. Bank, Retirement, Investment and Saving Accounts – These accounts should have your current information. You should list beneficiaries on accounts that allow you to name beneficiaries. This helps to avoid probate later.
  4. Insurance Policies – Do you have the right amount of coverage? Do you need to change the beneficiaries?
  5. Real Estate – Make sure the information contained with each deed is correct. You may want to consider the potential benefits of placing real estate into a trust or an LLC.

Reviewing and updating these items annually will help to prevent unforeseen problems and allow you to have a more relaxed summer.


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